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Written by: AT Entertainment |   Directed by: Anthony Tullo |  Genre: Thriller / Horror

Santiago (Anthony Tullo) is taking a drive he is not enjoying. He is going to plead his case to keep a company open and his community intact. Unfortunately, the woman he is supposed to meet with is not a fan of the idea. Mrs. Stonefield (Laura Denmar) is a hard-working modern woman and believes she’s performing a courtesy in meeting with Santiago. She’s all about the money and the profit, and keeping this business open just doesn’t work. It’s nothing personal—just business. As Santiago and Cassandra (Keren Ray) make their way to the meeting, the film is all about the evils of greed. 

 Stonefield has no intention of allowing Santiago to change her mind, and when the three meet up unexpectedly beforehand, it gives Santiago the chance to talk to Mrs. Stonefield out of her comfort zone. He’s desperate to change her mind while all the while there seems to be something else out in the darkness watching them. Santiago is desperate for this woman to understand his side of the story. How it’s morally wrong to do what she’s doing. But Mrs. Stonefield doesn’t seem to care. In her eyes, she is doing nothing wrong. If it’s not working well… cut it out. Little does she know that her decisions mean more than the film at first lets on. As 

Repent edges closer to its conclusion, it becomes clearer and clearer that her very soul could be at stake. Anthony Tullo directs a solid short film with elements of drama and horror in abundance. The “horror” elements don’t really begin to show up until later, but the dramatic interactions between the characters, especially Santiago and Mrs. Stonefield, more than make up for the lack of creepiness in the first act. Repent makes no secret of what it is almost from the start, and you’ll quickly understand where everything is going, especially if you have even a passing knowledge of the bible. A few may think this film is a little preachy, but that was on purpose. I think it was. Repent is a movie about consequences in the direst of ways. As far as micro-budget movies go, I was really happy with the acting. It all felt really natural and believable.

  Three and a half stars feel about right to me. Repent was/is more than good enough to take a peek at, and the horror aspects, when they do take place, are pretty cool. They’re probably not going to scare you but are still horrific enough to make the cut. Maybe the real horror is what awaits a certain woman after the credits roll. That is the real horror of this movie.

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