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The Seance

Written by: R.J. Buckley |   Directed by: Christopher James Cramer |  Genre: Comedy / Horror

The film opens with Nate (Michael Minto) preparing to conduct a seance to a full house. Believers and skeptics alike hold hands and prepare for the “show” as promised. The one main rule is don’t break the circle, which is devilishly broken by Andrea “Andy” (Miranda Skerman) as she tries to grab and figure out how an ornament pointer is floating on its own power. As the seance concludes with some unexplained events taking place, Andy remains behind. There’s more to her than she has let on.

Andy is the host and creator of a web series that debunks the supernatural, especially phony psychics who are notorious for duping people out of their money. Only Nate already knew this when he began the seance. He has nothing to hide because, according to him, everything is legit. Andy was referred by two respected friends and asked to check Nate out. So far, she can’t find anything that points to fraud. But there has to be something. This stuff simply isn’t real.

As The Seance continues, we learn some of Nate’s history as well as Andy’s. Nate was, of all things, a scientist, while Andy was once an incredibly gifted magician. It’s that knack for the craft that started her on her journey to debunk … mixed with a devastating life event involving her mother. It’s funny how life goes sometimes. By the end of the film, a lot is explained, and for the most part, there’s a fresh and interesting take on the supernatural/paranormal theme. It’s learned why the “spirits” don’t like or want Andy around, and I thought the premise was clever. The Seance is a lot of the same, but it’s done incredibly well with an excellent twist on the genre.The real shine of this film is the acting and, most notably, how Andy and Nate interact. It’s splendid and adds some real credibility (and production value) to the film. Yes, there are some stand-out scenes, such as when everything goes silent, and Andy finds herself surrounded by ghosts, but the acting is what made me want to stick around… To learn more. I felt like there were lots of movie influences, such as the Insidious films, but I was never left thinking this movie was in any way a clone.

Excellently well done, especially for a micro-budget film. There may not be as many scares as some people are hoping for, but it’s all made up for with the performances. And who doesn’t love the idea of a blessed, mobile spirit panic room! The Seance was creepy fun, and two thumbs up. Thank you for reading.

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