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Made as Art: The Michael Braun Story

Written by: Michael Braun  |   Directed by: Bryan Kaufman |  Genre: Documentary

 You may not know the man by name, but if you’re in your late twenties and up, you’ve probably seen his work. For those that remember the original Woodstock, rocker Jimi Hendrix was sporting a Michael Braun outfit. If the golden age of wrestling, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and Macho Man Randy Savage was your thing; you’ll also recognize his work. Randy Savage was essentially a walking, talking and bone crunching advertisement for Braun. No kidding. You may not have known the name of the designs, but now you do. Michael Braun. This doc is about the evolving life of Braun, but it’s the interesting stories that open this film up for the masses. His relationship and super eye catching designs for Macho Man, and the story behind it all is a great one. As is Braun’s first meeting with Hendrix and the fashion relationship that followed. I also found interesting the story of the jeans, and the upping of prices and peoples willingness to continue to pay. These are just 3 of what seemed like a dozen great stories.

 Though chocked full of interviews, the main man himself takes center stage quite a bit. Makes total sense considering this is a documentary about him. But Michael Braun himself is a great orator. His story is both fascinating to hear, and fascinating to listen and watch him recall. It’s easy to see why this man is a success story, even if some of his greatest achievements involved taking chances. Made as Art: The Michael Braun Story is a great film, even for those who know nothing of the man or fashion in general.

 Packed full of stories, unseen clothing and interesting tid-bits, including some connections to larger than life celebs, you have to ask yourself how it all plays out? This is a micro budget film you know. I’m glad to say that the movie looks really good, and has loads of eye candy, especially if you love the style of Braun’s designs. Brian Kaufman as the director has made sure to keep things interesting and relevant. His relationship with his partner Toni Ackerman is documented, as well as life after the the designs.
 I can’t help but wonder why this man isn’t more famous? Maybe he is in design circles, but his personality and slight eccentricities almost demand he should have been sharing the spotlight. The film itself is entertaining, informative, and just good movie making. Like a black hole that grabs you and just won’t let go. If you only watch a handful of documentaries per year, this one comes highly recommended. Thank you for reading and you can find links to see this title below.

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