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The Last Conception

Written by: Gabriel Constans |   Directed by: Gabriela Ledesma |  Genre: LGBT Romantic Comedy

 Savarna Sikand (Nazanin Mandi) and her girlfriend Charlie (Callie Schuttera) have a planned dinner date with Savarna’s parents. The thing is, her parents don’t know it’s a date and doesn’t know Charlie is a woman. As a matter of fact, they don’t even know their daughter is gay. Everyone thinks Savarna should just tell her parents and her response? You don’t know Indian parents. The dinner date hasn’t even begun yet and because of an argument over Savarna having children and getting married, she finally comes out of the closet – much to her mother’s disappointment. Her father doesn’t seem to mind all that much and attempts to “calm” the situation but Savarna and her girlfriend end up leaving.

 Savarna’s best friend Jackson (Matt Richards) thinks everything will blow over and Charlie agrees; since Savarna’s only sister Chitra (Lovlee Carroll) can’t have children herself, the family has hoped Savarna would have children in order to keep the family line going and now, that doesn’t seem likely. Or does it? After a few drinks at the local pub, Jackson blurts out that he would help her and Charlie have a baby. His jimmy-jammers, Savarna’s oven. This seems like a great idea and on top of that, Savarna’s mother seems to have warmed up to Charlie. It’s when Savarna’s grandmother visits from India that The Last Conception takes a twist. It seems that the Sikand family lineage is very special, and grandma wants to ensure the family line continues, and grandma is the type that takes no crap and always gets results. The rest of this film focuses on Savarna and Charlie progressing to the next level of their relationship, some blurbs on family, and the possibility of a divine baby.

 I don’t have a lot of things to complain about with this film. Written by Gabriel Constans and directed by Gabriela Ledesma, The Last Conception is a movie about being gay and not knowing how to tell your family, their reactions, and relationships in general. The tone of the film is upbeat and oftentimes comical but there’s always that hint of seriousness underlying what’s happening onscreen. The look is what I would call micro budget done really, really well. There are scenes in this movie that are simply excellent, and even some of the scenes that are not quite as good, look pretty fantastic. Whoever says you can’t make a good movie for under a kazillion bucks hasn’t watched this one. The acting is top notch, the look and pacing feel pretty tight and overall The Last Conception, from a production standpoint, looks and sounds pretty amazing all things considered.

 Maybe this movie glosses over a few key plot aspects a little, but the goal was to make a fun to watch movie. This film succeeds; even when it seems a little over the top. The “proud family” ideal is represented, the traditional family elements are touched upon, and the comedy is a good mix and never too much to handle. If the goal was to make an entertaining film you can tune into and simply enjoy, The Last Conception has surpassed that goal. Recommended, and thanks for reading.

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