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From Charlie, with Love

Written by: Andres Ramirez |   Directed by: Andres Ramirez |  Genre: Short/Drama

 A short film only around four minutes long, has a lot to accomplish in a very short amount of time. An audience may not have to worry about the film overstaying its welcome, but what it all comes down to is how that four minutes makes you feel… or think. Four minutes with a complete story? Not as easy as you may think. From Charlie, with Love, honestly, far surpassed my expectations. What was I expecting? More or less, a crappy YouTube video that used black and white to cover up its visual shortcomings. What I got was obviously anything but that, and writer, director Andres Ramirez pretty much made me eat my words.

 It all goes a little like this. Man sees woman. Man is interested. Man gives it his best shot. It all sounds so lame to type it out, but when you’re actually watching this film, you can’t help but like what you’re seeing. I did at least… and I’m not ashamed to say that I spent a good deal of this film with a little smile on my face. Watching Charlie ( Steven Burgos ) try and woo the woman on the bench was not heart-warming, but strangely entertaining. For some reason, Steven gave off a Vincent D’onofrio vibe as he danced around my screen, and of course, the source material this film was inspired by comes through loud and clear.

 So yes, From Charlie, with Love is in black and white and even features the scratches you expect to see with this style. But it’s not a cheap black and white. There’s framing, focus, and clarity. The choice of color, or lack of, is purely stylistic and not an attempt to hide shoddy production work. Even the edit itself is slick and endearing. Technical complaints? I don’t really have any.

 I don’t know what else to write except to repeat what I wrote above. I really enjoyed this short film. As much as I hate to use these words… it’s cute. And then there’s also the fact that you can go out on a limb and invest the time if you’re not quite sure this is a film for you… because it’s so darn short! From Charlie, with Love really is a love letter to a style, and artist from yesteryear. It makes no apologies and frankly, doesn’t need to. This was a great short film. Loved the look, loved the piano, and loved the portrayals. Well done. Thank you for reading.

From Charlie, with Love- Official Trailer from Little 315 House Movies on Vimeo.

Charlie, an ambitious young man, must go out of his comfort zone to seduce Virginia and eventually earn her trust and heart. New York University and Little 315 House Movies Present: “From Charlie, with Love” Produced, Written and Directed by Andres Ramirez Director of Photography: Jasmine Tan Original Music by Sawyer Adler Edited by Andres Ramirez Piano Performance: Noah Horowitz Sound Mixing: Sawyer Adler First Camera Assistant: Josh Brainin Swing: Amanda Williams Festivals:

Official Selection at Best Shorts Competition 2019- Best Experimental Student Short Film and Best Student Film.

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