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The Glade of Ardet Lili

Written by: Matthew Webb |   Directed by: Matthew Webb |  Genre: Fantasy / Horror

The Glade of Ardet Lili is a very short and concise small piece of horror movie magic. It’s only around nine minutes – approximately. Matthew Webb has definitely got a knack for this kind of thing – and if this short film is any indication – he’s a pro for sure. Now before I address the technical side of this film, I need to address the title itself. Google has told me that Ardat Lili..slightly different spelling…was a daughter of Lillith who joined the Underworld and became an evil succubus. Don’t quote me on that – that’s just what I learned because I was curious. There is indeed something evil out in those woods, which appears after what I perceive to be a mushroom trip gone awry. Now I don’t know about all of you, but it’s been many a blood moon since I have taken a stroll down the mushroom lane. The last time was in my mid 30’s camping with my friends, and I saw northern lights where there were definitely no northern lights. We were a couple of hours outside Montreal! One thing I didn’t see, thankfully, was a Succubus! Yes, I know. I’ve lived a sheltered life. So this film starts with two women walking through the forest foraging for mushrooms. After picking a couple of the little goodies that are in front of a strange circle of rocks, the young girl falls into a trance. At this point, a very evil forest devil appears and plays with her like a puppet master. The other woman returns to the village to tell her husband, and I presume, who seems to be very wary of going into that forest. A sort of exorcism by fire ensues. Now as I said, this is a very short film, so there’s not a lot I can write about a movie that is only around six minutes long. But what I can write is that Matthew Webb is very talented indeed. Every aspect of this film comes across as totally pro-grade stuff—with an excellent musical background score that dominates most of the film. Even the actors are great, which is not always guaranteed when talking about indie films. There’s even a little CGI which works really well. I would love to see a feature film from this team. Great job, and a four-and-a-half-star review from me. Thank you for reading.

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