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Sudsy Slim Rides Again

 Written by: Darin Carpenter, Chad Carpenter  |   Directed by: G Logan Dellinger |  Genre: Comedy, Western  |   Length: 119 minutes
 Sudsy Slim Rides Again plays out slicker than many current day productions – with much larger sums of cash at their disposal.
 Sudsy Slim. The dastardly gunslinger that with his gang of cohorts, terrorized the landscape during the early 1900s until finally, was put down by a lonesome marshal in 1915. The place? Scratcher Pass. The perfect out of the way burg for such a historic story. As time passed, a funny thing happened. The rotting mummified corpse of Sudsy himself, became “the” tourist attraction keeping the town going. Keeping it alive. It’s a fiction that sounds almost real. Almost true. So let us fast forward to present day and introduce two escaped convicts. After failing their escape to Canada, decide to enlist the help of Sudsy himself. If he can’t help them escape to the great white north – nobody can. As the long dead Sudsy, with the aid of his new gang terrorize the town folk, a lawman is called upon to set things right. Will history repeat itself? Or will Sudsy finally get his revenge? Welcome to Scratcher Pass and the world of Sudsy Slim.”Sudsy Slim Rides Again” is a spaghetti western comedy with a little something for everyone. Love those old westerns? The ones where every gun makes their own tune? How about off the boards comedy? It’s all represented well in this film, written by Darin and Chad Carpenter. The backwater town. The smoke and guns. Bullets whizzing through the air. A heist and yes, a mummified villain. All wrapped around the belief that a zombie apocalypse has started with none other than Sudsy Slim. For what it’s worth? I loved this title. It was fun and it was funny. What more could one ask?For a micro production, in movie budget terms, “Sudsy Slim Rides Again” plays out slicker than many current day productions with much larger sums of cash at their disposal. A tribute to director G Logan Dellinger, a fantastic cast and obviously, the entire production team. With such a bizarre premise backing it, failing completely was totally possible. That didn’t happen. Allowing me to fully forget I was watching this title to write a review. I was simply “that” guy watching a fun movie. The way movies are supposed to be. Right?

I think it’s safe to say that you really need to see this title to appreciate it. Had I included all the details of the film above, most would be scratching their head thinking it sounded really dumb. What’s interesting, is that on paper, it probably did/does sound dumb. Or at the very least completely unbelievable. Wacky situations one after another, that would “probably” never happen, make up the bulk of this title. But that thought process all changes when you actually see it onscreen. The visuals. The gags. The lead ups. It all works and as you watch it, it all makes perfect sense. I loved the running ABCD gag, and also loved the compounded pressures involving Sudsy himself. It’s all pieced together so nicely, it’s no problem to suspend your common sense and just have some fun.But… Even “Sudsy Slim Rides Again” does have a slight fault. It’s the length. By the final act I was starting to feel some drag. Not a lot mind you, but some. Here’s the thing. I can’t, for the life of me, even suggest any parts that could have been trimmed out. I know in my mind it was a little lengthy; just don’t know where or how. Even that draggy feeling is mild however. Running at around 2 hours is tough, for any micro title, to keep viewers interested at all. If I personally felt just a teeny bit of drag – that’s still a compliment considering most other micro productions, after 1.5 hours have me scratching my eyes out.

So yes reader. This is a flick I would recommend in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t even promote the fact it’s a micro film. You don’t need to. “Sudsy Slim Rides Again” is simply a fun ride to enjoy and laugh about. A no brainer really. I think it’s safe to conclude this is one of the better titles, that feature a very tight budget, I’ve seen. … and I’ve seen a lot – so take that as you will.


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