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Round Trip

 Written by: Ren Thackham  |   Directed by: Ren Thackham |  Genre: Action  |   Length: 6 minutes
 I expect to hear only good things as this flick makes the rounds. A film to definitely watch for.
 As nice guy cop Constable Rose transports his ward through a desolate wasteland, his prisoner Ned watches and waits for any opportunity to escape. It can’t happen here. The Australian outback is much to harsh and unforgiving a place. He would never make it out alive. Rose tries friendly conversation, in an attempt to appease his ever more agitated prisoner. He knows Ned wants out. He also knows that at least for now, even Ned has to realize escape is not an option. Then the unexpected happens, forcing Rose off the road and damaging the car. Maybe Ned still would have stayed in place, still not confident, or sure escape was the best option. Only something’s wrong here. Something’s just not right out here. Maybe escape is the better option? Maybe, Ned thinks, escape is the only chance he’s got. Step right up boys and girls. Step up and witness “Round Trip” from the delightfully twisted mind of Ren Thackham.It never ceases to amaze me. The beauty that can be created from the most bleak of landscapes. That delightfully dangerous but brilliant sun. Lighting up the players with it’s gorgeous orange tints, but also reminding us to respect it’s power. “Round Trip” takes place entirely on a sun drenched landscape; and it’s vast emptiness is awesome to witness. This is no accident. It’s the colorful perspective that Ren Thackham needed to drive the dangers of the outback home, while keeping things visually interesting. There’s no question the cinematographer in question knew exactly what they were doing; and just how to get things done. This becomes more and more important as this title gets more and more complex. Believe me when I say that this is much more than an escape film. Do you remember the film Groundhog Day?

As our leading men, Lee Priest and Danny Bolt do these characters justice. No pun intended. In a really quick time frame, I had no issues picking out the personalities of these two. I especially loved watching an irritated Ned, played by Lee Priest, fall into the highly dangerous fight or flight mode; as Constable Rose was trying to figure out what was happening, and deal accordingly. I don’t think I’ve seen these two actors before but they both come across as experienced cast mates. Experienced and good at their job.The pacing and execution were also spot on. “Round Trip” does deal in some complicated real estate, and keeping things as simple as possible, all things considered, came down to the screenplay and the post production work. All represented within this six minute window beautifully. For what it’s worth? “Round Trip” in my eyes, felt a lot like a large scale production. Props to the production crew.

I came into this expecting a prison break movie. I came out with a lot more than I bargained for. “Round Trip” is a one-two-punch action flick with a huge helping of science fiction. Ren Thackham aims to please and does just that. I expect to hear only good things as this flick makes the rounds. A film to definitely watch for.


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