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Star Crossed

Written by: Pat Bradley |   Directed by:Pat Bradley  |  Genre: Drama

“Star Crossed” is a very dramatic little film indeed. Writer and Director Pat Bradley has presented a very tragic scenario with a huge dilemma for us all to ponder over. The lottery. Some of us play faithfully every week, others once in a while, hoping for a shot at that golden ticket that will change our lives and solve all our problems. Unfortunately, the one thing that money can’t buy is life itself, no matter how much of it we have. It can, of course, provide the means to better health care, though. That much we all know for sure.

Christmas 2019, a couple is celebrating, but it’s clear that they are struggling with money. Their child opens one gift, and the husband also gives his wife a gift they really can’t afford. Next year will be better. It has to be. Christmas and New Year’s 2020 are a little different, however. We find the wife alone and in a very dark place indeed. Forward again to Christmas Eve 2021 – which was not a great time for all of us in the world. There was that little thing called COVID (I guess there still is) and the global pandemic that shut the whole world down. However, the results of the lottery were very different this year for this lady. Bang!!!!! All the numbers have come in! Golden ticket!

Does money matter, though, when you’ve suffered a great loss, and I mean a “really” great loss? This woman is at her wit’s end, and her sister has come over to console her and bring her some food. This scene is very heavy – in the best of ways – and the two stars here really give a powerful performance. Michelle ( Ashley Weismantel) and Christina (Sarah Grace Sanders ) are sisters who are sharing a moment that one of them will never ever forget.

With all that said, this is a very short film, and I do not want to give away what has happened to this poor woman’s life. Allisa Kuroedova and Jeff Clark Jr. also deliver small but very convincing parts as the husband and daughter. Make no mistake, reader, you may need some tissues for this story. “Star Crossed” is a short but powerful piece of work – and put together professionally from all aspects I can think of. Easily, a solid four out of five stars. Thank you for reading.

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