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Delirium in Restaurant “Romance”

Written by: Compañía Delirio (The Cast) |   Directed by:Shawn Backstrom  |  Genre: Mystery / Fantasy

This writing contains spoilers.

Delirio en el Restaurante “El Romance”

is Spanish for Delirium in the Restaurant, The Romance. So right off the bat, let me tell you all that this short film is in Spanish with English subtitles. For those who are fluent in Spanish, you’re good to go. For those who are not, we have to watch closed-caption style. I’ve watched full movies before having to read subtitles, so 28 minutes is not bad, but I figured I would let everyone know for those who don’t enjoy subtitled movies.

The film starts with a couple out for a stroll at night as they are discussing their wedding plans. Typical arguments, the man wants to pay for it all and doesn’t want the bride’s father’s money, etc… They come upon a restaurant. Right away, all I can think of is the freaky dream room from Twin Peaks, where the little man always talked to Agent Cooper. There’s a man in drag playing the piano as if the world is dying. A hostess greets the couple and explains the night’s menu and not giving the couple much of a choice. Small menu, I guess. There’s a beautiful painting of a woman that kind of stares right at the man. Is it a painting? They each excuse themselves to go freshen up, and things continue to get a little weirder.

The woman in the painting comes alive and starts dancing and serenading the man. When the woman returns, she’s a little shocked to see her man in the arms of another. Of course! When they sit back down at the table, the flower vase is now a hand that is seducing the woman. Apparently, the lad cannot see this. Now there’s not a lot to this film, so I really can’t go into everything that happens. Or there’s no point in watching, really. I always say some spoilers are OK, but lots and main ones are off-limits.

Things indeed do get weirder, however, and it seems this restaurant is more of a place for lovers to be tested. These two also kind of remind me of the couple in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now with all this being said, let’s talk tech. It’s really impressive, if I must say. The acting is a little over the top, but it is perfect for the film itself. Of course, it’s hard for me to really judge because I don’t understand the language, but everyone is being as creepy as they’re supposed to be, that’s for sure. This film is… a wee bit creepy. Directing, Lighting, Special effects, Editing, and the Music are seriously top-notch. Professional all the way. I say Brava!!!! Four solid stars!!! Thank you for reading.

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