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She's Perfect

Written by: Sheldon Maddux |   Directed by: Sheldon Maddux |  Genre: Horror / Drama
Reviewed by Mr. Rick Murrin

  A slightly confusing short film that quickly crosses the line from a romantic setting into a dark horror show. After trying to persuade his wife/girlfriend to take the day off, we learn that she is a nurse and is needed for surgery but will be home for supper. He is clearly in love with this woman. I can totally relate to this scenario. It is pretty apparent that the man is currently unemployed as we watch him go about his day wandering about the house. ‘She’s Perfect’ appears to be a mid-life crisis/ love story but then takes a sudden turn for the worse when tragedy strikes. Why this tragedy happened is not made very clear, and I wasn’t totally sure if it was actually real or fantasy. This is when the film takes a dark turn, and much is left to the imagination at this point. Later on, we learn that the main character “was ” a surgeon—a skill which no doubt comes in handy later in the movie. I’m reminded of another surgeon who no longer practices, Hannibal Lecter.

If ‘She’s Perfect’ was a feature-length film, I’m sure there would be room for the many questions I would have liked answered. If you want to know every detail of a story, like I do, this film might not be for you. As a short film, it is creepy and does achieve its purpose. There are times when I feel the movie is trying to be comedic but falls short. Without giving away the plot, the ending is kind of funny, depending on your sense of humor.

  On the technical side, Sheldon Maddux did a great job directing. The editing is top-notch—camera angles, locations, and lighting work perfectly. The music adds a somber mood. The story itself doesn’t break any new ground and is the film’s weakest part. The acting is, at times, a little over the top but works well for the character. I’m reminded of Colin Firth in The Staircase. The leading lady does a great job as the loving girlfriend/wife. Sheldon Maddux knows his craft well, and I look forward to seeing his future projects. I give this film three stars.

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