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Mickey Hardaway short

Written by: Marcellus Cox |   Directed by: Marcellus Cox |  Genre: Thriller/Drama

 The underprivileged have always been represented in movies through various forms. Poverty, abuse, and bullying are powerful topics, and watching a person overcome such obstacles provides an endearing and engaging story. Calling such films an “underdog” story is a simplification of certain movies, and Mickey Hardaway is one of them. This short film from Marcellus Cox takes multiple notes from more than one of the scenarios above and blends them together, giving this film’s audience plenty to root for with the main character. Mickey is a guy we want to see succeed, but first, we have to see what he’s up against… and that’s what this short film does.

 We get to see first-hand what Mickey is up against. Bullies, a blue-collar working family, and abuse within his house are the main things focused on here. But it’s not all that simple. Mickey’s father is abusive, but we also learn a bit about why he is the way he is. And Mickey also has some support from his teacher and counselor. That’s more than some in his situation, and that gives us hope that we’ll see Mickey succeed. But this film ends abruptly, and pretty much nothing gets resolved. The trip though, is done well, and it’s hard not to feel something when watching this film.

 I really wish there was more, but I had an idea things may remain ambiguous when I read that this film is a working concept for potentially something larger. It’s easy to see that Mickey Hardaway has so much going for it, but the question is whether or not more will come. As a stand-alone movie, some may be put off by the way it ends, but the point is that most people will probably watch it all. If enough interest is generated in this film, I’m sure more will come.

 There’s not much else to say here. This is a short film, and extended details are simply not there. But this film looks and sounds good. The acting is good, and it quickly got my attention and kept it until the end. Mickey Hardaway is a short film I would love to see expanded on. I feel there are numerous directions it could go, and all of them good. Two thumbs up, and I would love to be notified if anything more develops. Favorite scene? When Mickey stands up to his father. Four out of five stars.

MICKEY HARDAWAY from Marcellus Cox on Vimeo.

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