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Lord Finn

Written by: Al Mertens  |   Directed by: Al Mertens |  Genre: Drama  |   Length: 88 minutes

  It’s like a trip into the briar patch. One story kind of leads into the other and back again. When this title opened I wasn’t sure if I was witnessing a man just being an as*hole or if he was kind of crazy. Turns out I was kind of right on both counts. Daniel Finley ( Ben Richardson ) is mentally ill. Not like having down syndrome, more like schizophrenia and mental illnesses like that. He’s also a child of a mixed coupling making him a slave to 2 world. We also have a girl in jail and another who lives the life of a hooker. 3 stories that could be completely separate but are not really. Lord Finn at first looks like it’s about one person and their troubles but it is not.
 I also found this title pretty confusing sometimes. Director Al Mertens has played with the flow a bit, making this a movie that doesn’t go from start to middle to finish. At first I thought this method was not needed. Just something to try and hook or confuse the person watching it. I still think that, but by the end of the film I understood why. The non linear timing does have a purpose; but this was still confusing to watch sometimes.   What Al Mertens does get right is the look and casting. Lord Finn slid across my screen and I barely noticed the edits. Except at times where I was meant to. But the stories themselves and the cast were all pretty good. Daniel’s father is on the council and his character plays into Daniels story in a bigger way. I liked the fact that heritage was a big part of this film, but it was never over done. The family mixed race was never exploited for laughs. Not in a mean way anyway.  The mixed in stories are all done well but sad. Lord Finn is one of those movies where any precise detail really can ruin the movie. But for Jasmine’s ( Jamie Loy ) fate, I really didn’t expect that. I was sort of hoping for something uplifting to happen. As for Cheer’s ( Sarahjoy Mount ) fate and backstory, all I can really write is Mount did a great job with her character. Back to the spoiler thing. You won’t “really” see how things connect until the end, but it is worth the wait. It will give you a different perspective on Daniel’s character.

  Lord Finn was pretty good. For me a little confusing and a lot of exposition but only a little bit. There is a little comedy as well but not the Larry Curly Moe kind, more like a more sinister approach to amusement. Not everyone will give this film a chance because it just starts off so goofy and slowly moves to the more dramatic. But it looks good and is written well. And then you have a really large cast that pull off the roles. 3 out of 5 stars and thank you for reading.

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