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Black Orchid Challenge

Written by: Kevin Cappiello |   Directed by: Kevin Cappiello |  Genre: Horror

 Although not much longer than a television commercial or YouTube advertisement, Black Orchid Challenge is a short film you won’t want to skip. The action centers on an online gamer, or someone of that nature, as she clicks her way through a jump scare ridden online world. She comments that her latest link better not be one of those jump scare games and sure enough – it is.

 It’s when she finds the link to the Black Orchid Challenge that this film shows its true colors. This website is creepy from the start, with its old school font and just plain weirdness. Undeterred, our heroine begins clicking away, with each click leading closer and closer to what us audience members know is going to happen. With a running time of under 5 minutes, there’s not a lot more I want to spoil and if you want to know what happens to our lady gamer… you’ll have to watch yourself.

 This really short film by Kevin Cappiello was so much better than I thought it was going to be. When you come across a film that is so short, you tend to wonder what the point could possibly be. But Black Orchid Challenge contains all the parts that make a good horror film, well, good. It’s dark and shadowy. It’s creepy and full of atmosphere. And, it’s really nothing more than a webcam view of the hero. It’s so weird that this film works so well. The only thing that really brought the score down was that is was so short. Black Orchid Challenge is quick to get into, but just as quick to end. I almost felt cheated or teased with a longer version of the story.

 It won’t take long, I promise. And what you do get is more than worth what you invest in this super short film. It’s kept simple, quick, and interesting and in a world full of bloated, unnecessarily long micro budget horror movies, this was a breath of fresh air. It’s just too bad it wasn’t just a little bit longer. 3.5 / 5 stars and thank you for reading.

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