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Life's a Bitch and then One Kills you

Written by: Alan Wood  |   Directed by: Alan Wood |  Genre: SciFi / Comedy / Horror  |   Length: 88 minutes

 Today is Anna’s (Dana Weddell) birthday. Or as her other immortal friends like to say, it’s her re-birthday. Everything is all set. Birthday cupcake taken care of and a chained up human sacrifice in the studio. It’s unfortunate that her hookup app victim has a daughter but what can one do? Time waits for nobody and she doesn’t have long to rip his heart out and eat it. Then the unthinkable happens, just in case you thought sacrificial murder was acceptable. Her door bell rings. It’s her work mates full of birthday cheer, beer, wine and a sheet cake. They want to celebrate Anna’s re-birthday with her and who has time for that? Although she tries, Anna just can’t shake away the cheery posse at her door. So with no other choice she decides to let them in for a quick drink before sending them on their way. She has a ‘little’ time left and they definitely are not giving her a choice. Her work buddies are a mix of completely stupid to slightly dumb but cute. Even so, eventually they figure out what’s going on and try to get out and get help. Only Anna won’t let them. With no other choice she spins a story that sacrificing her prisoner is the only way to save humanity. Crazily, her work buddies decide to help her. The booze talking?

 As things steadily escalate one question inserts itself in the mix; is Anna telling the truth? Is this really to save humanity or just so she can stay young instead of rotting away like a Night Of The Living Dead character. Things get crazier, weapons are raised and the battle within Anna’s small apartment begins. You should see some of the weapons! XD

 This was a pretty funny movie but a little long. It all takes place in a small apartment so it all comes down to the numerous cast mates to hold down the film. They all do a bang up job but I still found myself looking at the progress bar up until the final scenes of the movie. This was never really bad though; as soon as I started to think it was a little long the ending sequences began. The jokes here all rely on grade school humor. Poop and farts, dildos and things of the sort. It is actually pretty funny but not as funny as how dumb Anna’s co-workers seem to be. I particularly liked Nate Leykam’s character. A mix of arrogance and idiocy that felt sooo perfect. I think I know a guy like him actually, but Leykam’s character reminded me of a silly Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist. But all the characters are funny and pull of some crazy gags.

 A little slower paced but filled with jokes, Life’s A Bitch And Then One Kills You is a pretty great ride. Especially the ending where things get a little gory but then switch back to the jokes. This exceeded my expectations for a micro film and is well worth checking out. Links are below and thanks for reading.

Life’s A Bitch And Then One Kills You Trailer 1 HD from Milepost 42 Films on Vimeo.

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