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Can't Hide It

Written by: Richard Miller  |   Directed by: Richard Miller / Grant Archer |  Genre: Drama  |   Length: 16 minutes

  Kim ( Esther McAuley ) is slipping on a sweater and preparing herself to go downstairs, and join in one the party her and her hubby are hosting. It never actually says if the couple are actually married, but I’m taking an educated guess. As Kim checks herself in the mirror, us viewers know something isn’t right. She’s getting ready to put on her poker face and climb down into the abyss. As it turns out, Kim has cancer. Both her and Richard ( Gavin Fowler ) have decided to keep it to themselves for a while. As they try and plan next steps, and deal.  Can’t Hide It is like a game of ping pong being played on a bed of nails. The net is the atmosphere and mood of the film and the ball bounces from cute, supportive moments within the relationship, to the outright horror of not only having cancer, but the therapy itself. It’s a balancing act that directors Richard Miller and Grant Archer have mastered. From Kim’s symptoms of treatment, to Richards attempts to cheer her up or distract her, the picture of a loving couple is painted brilliantly.

  As is the helplessness of it all. Both for Kim and Richard. Hoping treatment works, but dreading the side effects. The helplessness Richard must feel for his wife is almost a texture through the film. Although the framing of the story is on Kim, Richard is a huge part of what makes this title work so well.

  Because I’ve never really had to see the actual side effects of therapy personally, I can’t say 100% on the reality of this title, but if I was to guess I would say it’s pretty spot on. With all the care that went into the look of this title, I would expect nothing less than a truly realistic portrayal. I may not know much about cancer treatment, but I do understand emotions and characters. This title, that was penned by Richard Miller is stuffed with believable emotions. From Richards little distractions and his willingness to joke about a bad situation, to Kim’s heroic attempt to get through this all, and apparent success, McAuley and Fowler hand in some amazing performances. They walk that razors edge of overacting and under performing perfectly.
 Can’t Hide It is a drama and it’s been put together as such. The ability to hold an audience is not done through gimmicks or flashy editing, rather the story and performances themselves. That’s not saying the way it’s all shot and put together isn’t great, but that you won’t really notice all the technical stuff. It’s a quick short film that jumps through all the right hoops. A winner through and through.

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