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Uncanny Harbor

Written by: Nicholas Valaskatgis |   Directed by: Nicholas Valaskatgis |  Genre: Sci-Fi / Horror

 Arthur Dunn is a recluse. Not really by choice, but because everyone thinks that around 25 years prior to the start of this film, he murdered his wife Emily. Now, as we get into Uncanny Harbor, some of Emily’s things have been found and a cold case detective has been sent to investigate. Murray, the detective, tracks down Arthur, and while he interviews his “suspect” it clear that he doesn’t believe anything Arthur is saying. Or does he? Things are not quite as they seem on the island and the very small police force, especially the chief, seems to really not care about anything that’s happening. Still, the detective presses on with his interviews and Emily’s family, her sister, is at her wit’s end. Especially after receiving a strange call from Arthur a few nights ago.

  What starts off as a gritty whodunit quickly escalates its oppressing atmosphere and if a standard disappearance, maybe murder wasn’t enough to make Nicholas Valaskatgis’ feature film an excellent way to pass the time, there’s more. From the start, we get the feeling there’s more going on here but by around the half hour mark, we really see where things are going. Uncanny Harbor is an alien abduction film. And through some excellent acting and a great story, the film is really damn good. But here’s the thing. We find out this is an alien abduction film during the first act, but the story really changes again at around the 50 minute mark. It’s here we find out that some of the characters thus far really are not what they seem. I’ll leave things at that but let me tell you, I was thrown for a loop. Uncanny Harbor is full of surprises.

 I was quite impressed with the overall quality of this film. This is a site for micro budget movies, and production quality that costs 60 zillion bucks is not expected, but this film really looks and sounds great. Even the effects/lighting used in the film feel just right for the type of movie this is. And the glimpses of the little grey men we see are excellent. Combined with the atmosphere the film creates just makes this a great movie for those who love the genre. I also want to write that the acting really helps make this movie creepy and believable. Even some of the parts that feel a little iffy as you watch them, make sense a little later on. The leading and supporting cast all perform wonderfully, and it’s a nice treat to get a good story with some good acting. The twists along the way were the icing on the cake.

 Uncanny Harbor feels like one of those times everything just comes together the way it should. The production looks much larger than a micro budget indie film, it’s creepy, there’s a palatable sense of dread, and the acting works. It’s almost 2 hours long but save a slow down or 2 mid movie, the 2 hours fly by so fast. In my books, Uncanny Harbor deserves 4.5 stars, and I highly recommend looking this one up. Thank you for reading.

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