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Two Knights

Written by: Tommaso Genovesi / Adrian Darko / Reece J. Morant |   Directed by: Piotr Szkopiak |  Genre: Drama

 Two Knights is an excellently produced short film that asks questions that have been asked since the start. Why does God seem to be a hypocrite? Why does he allow so much pain in the world and senseless tragedy of which the truly innocent are always a part? And what about love? Actually, this short film deals a lot with love, especially with its two main characters. Lucifer (Adrian Darko) and Michael (Reece J. Morant) are the key players in this film, and all I can write is wow. Two Knights was an experience.

 The film takes place on some kind of rigs that are completely isolated and surrounded by water. A perfect place for such a forbidden meeting. For those who know the story, Lucifer was once an angel in God’s good graces but rebelled and was cast down. This film took place much afterward and reunited Lucifer and Michael over a game of chess… of all things. But chess is the last thing on Lucifer’s mind. 

Two Knights is a straight-up questioning of the bible, the rules set forth, and the hypocrisy some find within his word.  This really is a smartly written film, and the direction is top-notch. Two Knights also feel like a movie that was made with some serious money backing it, in most part due to the background (the sets) and the coloring. There are lots of areal shots mixed in, and the background scoring is tastefully done and used. The performances are also pretty great, adding a human touch to these two famous angels. But it’s the conversation that will catch and hold you.

 I have nothing bad to say about this short film. Two Knights was everything I had hoped it would be and then some. The questions asked in the film may make some people uncomfortable, but that’s just another reason to watch it. Movies of this type are meant to do that. Four and a half stars and two thumbs up. Thank you for reading.

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