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Tougher Than a Tank

Written by: Noah Cass |   Directed by: Jon Mercer / Tim O’Donnell |  Genre: Documentary

 When you sign up to do your duty, most people expect to pay the price one way or the other, and that price can be a high one. Even your life. But it’s what you do for your country, for freedom, for those who can’t; Eddie Ryan, a marine, was severely injured in Iraq and sent home. He’s now in a wheelchair and has suffered brain injuries. Eddie and his family are one of the main focuses of this film. The other story being told is that of Noah Cass, and yes, the two stories are directly connected.

 Noah, most people for that matter, is devastated by the government’s lack of help and resources for troops once they return home. It’s an issue that is much larger than some people think unless you yourself have served. These issues have been in the public eye more and more but nowhere near enough, in my opinion. Sickened by the lack of proper care for his fellow marine, Noah decides to plan a run from his location to Eddie’s. From Somers, Connecticut to Lake George, New York… in 2.5 days. It’s a fundraiser that is for so much more than money. As stated in the film, I am a marine… and Tougher Than a Tank shows exactly what that means.

 I found this film to be exceptional in near every way. It’s filled with interviews, of course, but there’s also a great deal of time spent during the run itself, which also keeps the reason this film exists upfront and in the eyes of the audience. It’s never lost during the film just how amazing it is that Eddie survived two bullets to the head. And that makes his lack of resources even more ridiculous. Tougher Than a Tank is about more than just a war survivor (hero) and his family. It’s just as much about Eddie’s other family, like Noah and the government’s lack of support for returning troops. Especially when it comes to medical, it’s touching. It’s sad, and it’s also hopeful.

 This film may be a documentary, but it’s so much more than that. Even if you don’t like a good doc, Tougher Than a Tank is still something you should see, and for many people, it will directly touch a nerve. But everything in this movie isn’t bad, unfortunate, or finger-pointing. This is also a film about hope, brotherhood, and what it means to be a marine. I highly recommend this film, and yes, Eddie, you really are tougher than a tank. Four and a half out of five stars. Great film.

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