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The Manager Position

Written by: Craig Trow |   Directed by: Craig Trow |  Genre: Comedy / Drama

  Philip (Curtiss Cook Jr.) has no job and also has a wife at home who is pregnant. But, here’s the kicker, his wife, Liz (Karina Willis), has absolutely no idea Philip is out of work because every day, he comes home pretending everything is fine. He spends his days in an abandoned office I presume was his old place of employment, eating his cheery lunch packed by his unaware wife … and daydreams of what “could have” been.The Manager Position starts and paints its bleak picture. Philip sitting around an empty office eating his lunches and contributing to a big pile of happy notes sent by his wife. Until one-day things change a little at a time, it all starts with a new secretary who has seemingly moved into the office and calls Philip her boss. She wastes no time getting to work and eventually, someone else is waiting in his “office” for their scheduled meeting. It’s not long after that Phil’s empty office is bustling with activity … a full house of workers all working away at, well, nothing. But nobody seems to notice or care.  This really is a fun short film; even though, upon closer inspection, the concept is anything but. The Manager Position cleverly makes light of what is pretty much a horrible situation. There are plenty of office jokes that are seen rather than heard, and this daydream of Philip’s life even comes complete with a bad guy of sorts. I guess in Philip’s mind; an office setting had to have a bad guy. Someone to always be watching because they could be gunning for your job.

 Despite all the low-key comedy, there is also a clear alert to the life of the office worker. Or white-collar life in general, but Craig Trow cleverly says his piece but keeps things light, airy, and a little funny. After reading my rating, you probably have guessed that I really liked this title, but I’ll write it again. The Manager Position is entertainment done right. It doesn’t try and position itself to change the world, and that’s just fine by me. 4.5/5 stars. Wow! I highly recommend watching this, and thank you for reading.

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