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The Last House On The Street

Written by: Adam Berardi |   Directed by: Adam Berardi |  Genre: Horror / Comedy

The Last House On The Street begins harmless enough. Just off-campus in the driveway of his rented home sits Chad (Dylan Garcia) drinking as usual and watching as some girls move in across the street. But, then, grandly, his best friend Derek (Jeremy Behie) arrives, and I knew this was going to be a film about college stoners. I was kind of thinking American Pie meets The Last House On The Left but was pretty wrong.

As the two best friends watch the spectacle across the street, Derek makes some comments about introducing themselves. Chad is just not interested. I didn’t know at the time, but Chad was in a state of depression over losing his girlfriend a few months back and stalking her. Eventually, The Last House On The Street gets into that backstory, but for now, Chad just seems to be a beer-drinking stoner with a side order of dropout. His friend isn’t much better.

As the movie moves forward, it’s brought to the audience’s attention that something isn’t right about the women across the road. They seem to be bringing a lot of men home, and their “type” seems to be all over the map. As a member of the audience, I was also privy to some extra information: like the fact lots of guys have been going missing lately. I knew where this was going, and you probably do as well.

When Derek is seen partying with the two girls and then suddenly disappears, Chad is a little suspicious but only a little. He does the usual and texts/calls but isn’t overly concerned. The girls across the street Chrissy (Mary Kate McCormick) and Janet (Ashley Rene), are just regular girls, and what could possibly have happened? The Last House On The Street then goes one step further and brings Chrissy across the street to invite Chad over to party. We also find out she may actually like Chad even though her sister doesn’t care much for him. When Chad doesn’t quite live up to Chrissy’s expectations, things get tense, and Adam Berardi’s film begins its climax.

This movie is a good example of the heart and soul of guerilla filmmaking—nothing heavy thematically and not overly complicated. Two losers put into a crazy situation. I do wish the friendship of these two characters was explored more and that the characters had some redeeming qualities, but The Last House On The Street is what it is. I’m a yeller when it comes to movies and had a great time yelling at my screen … at the characters. For me, the whole process of screaming at a monitor made this movie a real hoot. I loved the way this film looked and sounded and can’t think of a better movie to scream at! Haha! If you’re like me, then don’t hesitate … grab some brews and a friend or two if possible and queue this movie up. The Last House On The Street is about having fun, so what’s stopping you? I did.

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