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The Freedoms

Written by: |   Directed by: Mark Garvey |  Genre: Documentary

Have you ever wanted to take a dip in a freezing cold body of water or get wasted as fu*k and have a perfectly good reason? How about taking in some gorgeous scenery but also coating yourself with oil? For a few days, these sorts of things become the norm for brothers Callum and Simon as they attempt to complete a set of challenges called the freedoms, thus completing an artistic experiment started by long lost and reclusive artist Hettie Entwistle.

That was the main plot for this documentary from Mark Garvey. Two very different brothers from very different walks of life try and complete the freedoms with guidance from Hettie Entwistle expert Kitty Von Abrams. Well, her assistant mostly. Along to document this journey is Mark Garvey and his film crew. Mark’s interest in this ordeal stems from the fact Callum is dying, and Mark sees this as a great opportunity for a documentary chronicling the life of a dying man. At this point, you may be asking why brothers Callum and Simon even care about this Entwistle woman? Somehow, she is connected to their father, who died before the start of the film. It’s a mystery that Callum, and then Simon really want to solve, and the only way to do that is to complete the challenges.

As for the challenges themselves, they are a combination of mostly harmless tasks. Some of them are very easy and even silly, and some are a little more out there. These freedoms are said to be of a spiritual nature, but by the end, the final task, things get a lot more shady. The challenges themselves have to be completed in a certain order, and the group only gets directions to the next challenge once the previous one is completed.I know what you’re thinking. That The Freedoms is some form of the Jackass movie clone, but it is not. This film is more about exploring the brothers’ lives and relationship, and by the end, a remarkable transformation takes place. This relationship drama is left off center due to the movie’s twist ending, but I found that the brothers’ relationship was the real page turning aspect of this film. The decision to make this movie a documentary featuring the film crew as themselves was a fun little gimmick that actually worked well for me.

I thought this movie was pretty good. The story was good, and Hettie Entwistle, as a starting point to the movie, really worked well. The acting was really good, and there were even some warm fuzzy moments here and there. The Freedoms was just what the doctor ordered on a boring Monday afternoon. Thank you for reading.

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