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Written by: Andres Ramirez |   Directed by: Andres Ramirez |  Genre: Crime

  Good Vs Evil, the eternal struggle between light and dark. This is as good a way as any to sum up this short film from Andres Ramirez. Bouncing back from the interrogation room to the potential scene of the crime, all the pieces are here to form up a great story. And Shutter does play off as a good story, only… it feels like a small piece of a larger whole.

 As this short film opens up, we’re introduced to the two main characters. The detective (Justin Hernandez) and his interviewee. A creepy photographer by the name of Charley (JT Harper) who is cool as a cucumber and seems to relish the fact he’s a suspect. Models have been going missing, and the latest disappeared woman Jane (Yhana Sibelle), was last seen with Charley. As the interview proceeds, we viewers are treated to flashbacks to let us know what really happened to Jane, and what Charley’s involvement was… or wasn’t. Want to know more? You’ll just have to tune in for yourself.

 There’s some good work put into Shutter, and as a micro-budget film, it reveals itself nicely to its audience. The acting is solid, especially from Hernandez and Sibelle, and generally speaking, there’s not a lot to complain about. From a production standpoint that is. The main villain Charley comes across as super creepy, but to be frank, if I was interviewing this man, I would have pressed much harder. Why? Because he comes across as intentionally creepy, like he’s trying to look guilty. He reminded me a lot of the serial killer from the movie Seven, and I’m really divided on what I think. On the one hand, it’s really an excellent performance but on the other hand, maybe too obvious for my tastes. Even without the flashbacks, I would have no doubt who had done what. I also felt what kept Shutter from real greatness was that it was not long enough. It felt like we were just getting started, and it was over. But I guess there’s not a lot of ground you can cover in under 10 minutes.

 Andres Ramirez’s short film is well done for what it is. A short film. I would love to have this story revisited as a much longer production, perhaps even feature length. The plot may not be 100% unique, but there’s enough originality to really make something special. And hey, who doesn’t love a good serial killer film? With my only complaint being that it is too short, Shutter proves that indie can still kick some ass. Too short? That’s pretty much a compliment. Thank you for reading.

Shutter- Official Teaser Trailer from Little 315 House Movies on Vimeo.

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