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Shatter the Silence

Written by: Cheryl Allison  |   Directed by: Cheryl Allison |  Genre: Doc

  Cheryl Allison has a lot to say in her documentary, Shatter the Silence. With many voices from around the Dallas area, this is a story told by numerous women and men and is a strong but not unheard of message. Sexual harassment, shaming, assault, violence, and inequality are what this title is about in no particular order. This message is delivered through the stories and experiences of many interviewed men and women. Real experiences, not so much hypothetical or morally theoretical. Shatter the Silence is a reminder, no, a call to action for anyone who watches it. It’s not one story but many all sharing the same theme. It would have been comfortable to keep silent. If you don’t know who said that and why, I would recommend watching this film. Even if you do know who was quoted, that’s still no reason to shy away. Repetition and knowledge are a sure-fire way to drill a point home, and Cheryl Allison knows how to get a point across.
 It’s now 2020 and women everywhere are still fighting to get the message across. Be it the incredibly subdued women in some third world country, or right here in your home town, the fight has never been more brutal. Society says we’ve come a long way, and we have. The truth is that there is still sooo far to go. From teachers to students, politicians to church clergy, women and men everywhere are stepping up to the plate. Out culture of inequality has to change and with titles like this entering into the media more and more, that goal is that much more attainable.  Shatter the Silence is a hodge-podge of experience. From women who have maintained and thrived despite being women, to men who themselves see the problems and are willing to stand up, Allison’s film brings these people together in one place to tell their stories, relay their experiences and hopes for the future. It’s this generation that will be impacted more than any. Either society will slide back another decade or finally move forward. All of this, is the story of this title. The message that continuously needs to be shared. We can make a difference. We can tip the scales, together.
 My final thoughts hinge not so much on the content, but how it’s all been pieced together. Shatter the Silence moves from point A to point B seamlessly and I never felt overly sold to. The topic and point of view is clear so anyone not interested can simply steer away. But why would you? As a sheer force of entertainment and capturing my attention, this film doesn’t disappoint. An easy recommendation from me to whoever reads this. 4 stars.


Now available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo on demand.

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