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Written by: Tim Earnheart  |   Directed by: Tim Earnheart |  Genre: Science Fiction, thriller  |   Length: 7 minutes

  On the eve of what should have been a fantastic day, a woman receives 3 very special guests into her home. These guests are not invited and have come for only one reason. To rob her of whats inside her safe. So things seem. Complete with creepy masks and some really brutal weapons, the lady takes her upstairs to the safe. Once opened, it’s clear the home invaders are not looking for cash or anything of monetary value. They seem to be focused on one thing. A silver egg. Also unlucky for these criminals? The lady of the house isn’t your ordinary housewife.
 In the blink of an eye she reveals her true colors and goes at the invaders. To be fair, us audience members knew there was more to her at the start of this short film, but to actually see her in action is a pulse pounding treat. Or maybe that’s just the background music creating the pulse pounding. Somewhere between the opening of the safe, and the ass kicking we get to see the real plot this title has been building; it’s one created of a long running science fiction plot. Time travel. In a very short time, this micro budget title walks the lines of 3 genres. Science fiction, action and a slight drama production. That’s a lot of meat for such a small plate, but Tim Earnheart, the one behind the wheel of this production, definitely knows what’s he’s doing. Safe is an action packed few minutes.  I liked this title right from the start. An indie action film with an awesome ass kicking woman in the lead. What’s not to like? Being in the “business” herself was an awesome way to explain her kick-ass style, adding that happy family moment was also a great way to start things off. But once the action begins, and those masks from my nightmares came into view, I was instantly shifted into action gear. Safe doesn’t disappoint. There’s more action crammed into these few minutes than many full length micro productions. And it all looks sooo good. It wasn’t lost on me that this entire film seemed to be shot and set up as a special effects showcase. I did get a kind of concept film feeling when I watched. But this film actually has a story. It’s just not a bunch of scenes and characters rammed together, as many concept films are. Things are thought out and the story is actually pretty decent. I would like to have known more about the egg, a sci-fi history. But it wasn’t needed to tell this story.

 With Safe happening at a breakneck pace, and actually getting my pulse pounding, I really recommend Earnheart’s short film. A little something for everyone that also happens to look great. Highly recommended and worth every second. 3.5 / 5 and thank you for reading.

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