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Real Buddy

Written by: Steve Hudson  |   Directed by: Frank T Mirbach |  Genre: SciFi / Comedy / Prison  |   Length: 53 minutes

 Morris ( Steve Hudson ) has been rotting away in jail for a crime he most definitely did commit. Real Buddy opens during a sermon of sorts and very quickly we learn of Morris’s unique situation. It’s believed he’s smuggled his illegal earnings into the prison and has it hidden somewhere. As violence breaks out during the preaching session we’re introduced to the main players of this movie. Everyone has been trying to find out where Morris has the loot hidden. Over the years the violence towards him seems to have diminished a little but not completely. Everyone wants his cool 5 million and it’s really amazing he’s kept it hidden so long. His ultimate goal is to serve out his sentence and be released to live on easy street for the rest of his life. In Steve Hudson’s dark future though, that may not be long.

 Using mostly news reel footage we immediately find out that the future isn’t all that bright. The world could end at any time and there have been lots and lots of false starts. So many that nobody actually believes the world is on the brink any more. It’s just another thing for the networks to say, to get people to watch. But everybody knows that sooner or later the worst will come to pass; most just think it’s later. So Morris is content that he’ll have plenty of time to enjoy his earnings once he’s out. He just has to hold out until the day arrives.

 So as the movie unfolds the worst begins to actually happen. The world is finally going to end. Still, nobody really believes until it becomes indisputable. Morris finally reveals his secret believing why hide it anymore? At least get some recognition for what he’s accomplished. The loot? I won’t completely spoil it’s hiding place except to say it does tie into the title of the movie. Just when you think it’s all over the worst happens. The world isn’t ending and Morris has given up his secret. And then another bang in the plot twist room startles the movies viewers. As before, I won’t spoil it all but I found the ending really fitting. Real Buddy is a science fiction comedy. It’s a B film that loves the fact it’s a B film. I can dig it. As far as micro budget movies go the special effects are pretty good. I think a lot of green screen was used to great effect. This movie doesn’t try for absolute realism. It goes for cheesy visuals that go hand in hand with the dialog and feel of the film. This is a friends, beer and pizza kind of movie; but done well for what it is.

 It’s movies like this that keep low budget film alive and kicking. It’s fun. Fun to watch and fun to laugh along with. I wasn’t kidding about beer, pizza and friends. This is a movie that is meant to be enjoyed just that way. If you’re looking for realism and serious depth this is not the movie for you. But you can have just as much fun as the people who made it look like they did, if you take it for what it is. A good time. Thank you for reading.

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