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PN & Friends Summer Distancing

Written by: Todd Montesi |   Directed by: Todd Montesi |  Genre: Comedy

 PN (Todd Montesi) is chatting with Kenzie (Self) online about how bad the summer has been. Quarantine really sucks and Zoom calls, or video calls in general have become the new normal. Along with masks. PN asks her to maybe go out sometime soon and gets told that she has moved to Massachusetts. That’s how things start for PN and they don’t get any better. First, he finds out he’s now been officially fired from Costco, after a lesson on what being “furloughed” means… and a costly lesson it was for PN.

 Then we continue his day as PN goes for a walk, and a running joke begins about wearing a mask. New York looks like a ghost town, with distancing being the rule of thumb. This is the theme for this episode of PN & Friends. Masks and distancing. If you don’t know, PN & Friends follows PN himself as he interacts with the world. Some of his friends are sort of normal, and others are pretty crazy. Like The Voice (David The Voice Stein) and his giant gas mask! There are many episodes but this one, Summer Distancing is all about what’s been going on all summer and the state of things now for PN and his crew; that includes Groper’s masterclass on how to be a god. Haha.

 This episode is about an hour and does drag sometimes in between the jokes. But the jokes in this show are not your normal jokes, but instead more like a caricature of a joke. Except for some running gags, the funny in this series is from PN’s lack of awareness and to some extent, his funny and crazy friends. PN & Friends Summer Distancing is a shot like a documentary and has mixes of webcam meetings, and handheld shots outside in public. There’s also an insanely creepy animatic helping bind the show together.

 This is a great way to spend some time with some colorful characters that like you, are just trying to figure out how to get through this year with their sanity intact. You’ll be able to relate to a lot of what’s going on, you’ll laugh at some of the jokes, and if you’re new to the web series, you may find yourself going back and looking at other episodes. It’s all in good fun but also has a message. Move on or be left behind. PN finds this out at the very end of the episode. I would say this episode warrants a 3.5 star rating and thank you for reading.

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