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Written by: Tim Earnheart |   Directed by: Tim Earnheart |  Genre: Action

 Evelyn (Joy Park) and Astrid (Esha More) are enjoying a celebratory birthday drink but the atmosphere is not joyous. Astrid has screwed Evelyn with the merging of their companies, and they were supposed to be friends. The betrayal cuts deep but on the surface, Evelyn is collected and after some conversation, even forgiving. She did make millions from her friend’s betrayal and according to Astrid, that all that counts. Still friends right? Evelyn agrees to put things behind her and quickly a conversation takes place about a club of sorts. Exclusive, invite only. Astrid takes the bait and soon finds herself having a strange conversation with Dr. Woo (S. Joe Downing) having used her invitation only card to gain access.
 Dr. Woo explains that his company/exclusive club creates one of a kind experiences for their clients and even though something inside her says to get out now, Astrid just can’t help herself. She agrees to whatever experience the company is offering and before she knows it, she’s been knocked out and awakens in a strange room; with some strange armed people inside. People wearing evil looking masks and wielding huge guns. That’s not the worst of it, some creature has just been activated and it isn’t friendly. Looked inside this room, with a few weapons at her disposal, Astrid must fight for her life against the nemesis. If you’re thinking Resident Evil, you’re not far off because this huge, monstrous creature, could be a sibling to the Nemesis of R.E. Astrid should never have come here but maybe, it’s just a game. Maybe she’s in no real danger. Maybe.  Nemesis really turned on the lights for me, showing me that micro budget doesn’t mean low quality. This action, sci-fi hybrid rocks. That’s the easiest way to explain it. Rusty tools as weapons, huge Gatling guns, a chainsaw hand, dismemberment, and bullets everywhere make this a short film that packs a real punch. The first few minutes are dialog heavy setup and the remaining film is all about kicking ass. Complete with some cornball one liners and gushing blood. Who says you can’t make something cool with only a little money. The makeup of the nemesis is really cool and the uniforms of the masked men are equally chilling … and cool to look at. Some of Astrid’s actions are questionable, and how she falls right into kick ass mode is a little funny but that just adds to the boombastic charm of this movie. Action for the sake of action. It feels like writer/director Tim Earnheart went for the throat and didn’t worry himself with the little things. Nemesis is for anyone who loves machine/monster mixes and lots of blood and bullets. Much like an action film from the nineties or eighties even.

 Nemesis is an awesome explosive experience that caters to people like me, who just want to see something really cool. My favorite part? When Astrid offers a helping hand. Haha! Four and a half stars and thank you for reading.

NEMESIS (Official Trailer) from Tim Earnheart on Vimeo.

A young woman, on her path to success, betrays her best friend and winds up in a deadly game. Written, Produced and Directed by Tim Earnheart Official site: Director’s website:


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