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Monochrome: The Chromism

Written by: Kodi Zene  |   Directed by: Kodi Zene |  Genre: Sci-Fi,Dystopian  |   Length: 61 minutes

It engulfed me for the hour it played and I was sorry it ended so quickly, and with so much more story to tell.

 A virus has completely destroyed our way of life and left people scared and angry. Everyone wants someone to blame and nobody wants to get sick. ‘Hues’ are rounded up and locked away to be experimented on. It’s said that it’s for their safety and the safety of the people around them, but Isaac (Joshua Bangle) and the people like him know better. They are not crazy and are the same as they were before. What is this virus? Color. In a world consisting of black, white and shades of grey; color is the ultimate virus. ‘Monochrome: The Chromism’ starts off in a ‘Mad Max’ style dystopian future. This is where we meet Isaac trekking through a deserted landscape. In need of some water, he finds a small cafe where a sign warns no ‘hues’ allowed. Veiled in a cloak-thing he enters anyway. It’s now we find out ‘hues’ are hunted by bounty hunters. At this point this movie goes backwards in time, so we can see how things all started. The dystopian future I was expecting is short lived, and not ‘really’ returned to. That’s fine with me. I like outbreak movies.

 At this point we meet the main characters and see how it all started. From patient zero, Isaac, to the full swing pandemic. Demonstrated through news reels and an escalating narration. The film is obviously in black and white, except for the infected who range from full on skin color, to different stages of their changes. It’s actually really cool to watch and I was thankful for some excellent production work. Especially for a micro budget film.

 There’s also a sense of art imitating life. ‘Monochrome’ uses ‘hues’ as the scapegoats, but it’s easy to see general racism involved. How quickly and easily scared people get violent when confronted with anyone different than themselves. Even though mentally, they are the same. It’s a good way to use the drama of today’s world and mirror it within a Sci-Fi context. Things do move very quickly though, and it seemed a little too fast. But this is a micro budget film that only runs around an hour long, so a lot was packed in but done really well. I also wish a little more of the future could have been seen. Working with little money makes that hard, but I also ‘think’ Kodi Zene plans to expand on the film and in doing so, I hope it perhaps expands a little on this one. Maybe making things make sense a little more for Isaac on a personal level. I also found the killing of his girlfriend a little quick. It was almost as if the actress decided she didn’t want to be in the film anymore, so they cut her out. Maybe that entire incident could be expanded on in the future. Maybe not.

 ‘Monochrom: The Chromism’ was much better than I thought it was going to be. It engulfed me for the hour it played and I was sorry it ended so quickly, and with so much more story to tell. I highly recommend watching it, and hope Kodi Zene continues the story. Thank you for reading.

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