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Millennium After The Millennium

 Written by: Joseph Maddrey  |   Directed by: Jason D. Morris |  Genre: Documentary  |   Length: 90 minutes
 This title is for those who loved the show. Writer Joseph Maddrey and director Jason D. Morris, have put together a load of interviews, clips and photos that as a whole, form this stellar documentary.
 The violin starts it’s eerie, somehow sad drone. A familiar circular image fades into view and immediately, I’m transported back to 1996 and that strangely comfortable opening credits sequence. I am referring to Chris Carter’s TV show, “Millennium” and my memory of waiting for the pilot to roll; hoping it was going to be great like the X-Files was. It all seems so long ago and at the same time, fresh in my memory banks. I remember waiting for what seemed an eternity for this show to begin it’s run. I also remember being strangely silent when that first episode was over. Until that oh shit feeling came bearing down full force and yes reader; I simply couldn’t wait for the next episode!
The show, and my excitement, went on for the entire season, into the second and finally – I found out the show was cancelled after it’s third. Being completely honest with myself, that third season wasn’t anywhere as good as the first. But I was still sure at least one more season was warranted. Me and my friends all loved and watched the show, and season 4 was the big year. The new millennium. Season 4 never materialized. Citing lower viewership and a show that was depressing and (gasp) overly graphic, “Millennium” was done; and those who loved the show could only hope for a wrap up. We did get one, sort of, but it really didn’t do justice by any means. Now ladies and gents, it’s over 20 years later.
This title is for those who loved the show. Writer Joseph Maddrey and director Jason D. Morris have put together a load of interviews, clips and photos that as a whole, form this stellar documentary. “Millennium After The Millennium” is a title for both the average Joe’s of the world who used to watch, and the die hard folks who want it to return in some form. After putting in my 1.5 hours, I feel this doc should be included in any new box set of this series. When you stop and consider how long ago “Millennium” was cancelled, it should be no surprise that it took some people who loved the show, to make this movie. The final result is a cohesive and interesting look at the show itself – as well as the cast and crew involved. Their thoughts and feelings ranging from pre-production, until our present date. Will “Millennium After The Millennium” be enough to further Frank Black’s story? Probably not but who’s to say. The one thing I do know? It was a great feeling to see the cast from the show now – and find out what they’re thinking. This title was an awesome trip down memory lane. And why shouldn’t I be happy when thinking back to this television ace? Through the film, the cast and crew talk about how “Millennium” was ahead of it’s time; and it really was. Dominating the broadcast waves of yester-year were sitcoms and a spattering of procedural shows such as “Law & Order”. Dark and serialized TV was just not the thing. “Millennium After The Millennium” not only points this out, but brings to light all the things “Millennium” did, that are now considered normal, standard television. Although not completely tossing the killer of the week format, the show really started the serial craze. But the content itself? Dark. Sinister and unrelenting. This title throws a slew of shows that came after as examples, and these were hit shows that all went down the unusual serialized and dark, gory path. Had “Millennium” come a little later on the calendar, things could have been different. Or maybe “Millennium” was part of the reason things changed. That’s the theory given in this title, and it’s really not a crazy one at all.Surprisingly enough “Millennium” rarely gets credit for what it more likely than not, did for television. This is all talked about in this documentary and it’s quite interesting to finally see what the cast and crew have thought about all this time. The gravy on the potatoes. The blood on the blade.So what about the people who have never seen the show? What’s in it for them and why should they watch this title? History. History and the introduction to a great series. Although “Millennium” may feel a little dated, I can promise it’s not as bad as some may think. Once you get past the look, and in my case that look is the square screen version of the show, you’ll fall in love with the characters. “Millennium After The Millennium” does a terrific job not only catering to the fans of the show; but also introducing it to potentially new viewers. The general story and some spoilers are present. Episodes are discussed – but not enough to turn people away that haven’t seen it. This title is an excellently put together and professional documentary. I’m aware that I am probably a little inclined to love this film. I’m also aware that it’s alright. This is the real world and most people that tune into this title, at first anyway, will do it because they know the show. So why not cater to us fans? “Millennium After The Millennium” is a solid 4.5 stars in my books. Highly recommended.


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