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Groupie: The Blueprint of A Self-Made Millionaire

Written by: The Clark Brothers |   Directed by: The Clark Brothers |  Genre: Drama

So this film starts out with five very scantily clad ladies sitting around talking, kind of like an after-hours version of the View. Lucy is a Hollywood Groupie – everything is shot through social media posts. First, she tells us about her life at home. An abusive father that hits both her and her mother. The pattern is that her parents fight, and they then have make-up sex. As she’s filming her post, you can clearly hear them in the background. Next post, she has decided to leave home and is heading for Hollywood!!! At this point, the film takes on a more hip-hop video vibe. Pumping music, sexy visuals, etc., etc. Very now!

Life in Hollywood is not easy, and the rejections come one after another for our girl. In one audition, she doesn’t even read her lines; they just look her up and down. I thought for sure it was a porn film until they sent her away. I was wrong, though, and eventually, she landed the part. The film wraps. Everything is hunky dory until the after-party, where this girl makes a huge mistake by first shoving some cocaine up her nose and then sleeping with the wrong guy. The guy who actually didn’t want her in the film. Now the dude who was the head honcho and who actually wanted this girl is super pissed. I can’t even imagine how much this must happen to girls in the movie business.

By video entry #65, things are not going well for this girl. Cue girl #2. Chastity the Rock Groupie. As she professes right off the bat, she wishes she was born in the 80s glam rock age. She loves the wild music, and now she loves all these aging rock stars who like to cheat on their wives with these new groupies. Her latest conquests tell her to meet in Las Vegas. Cue the next morning, of course, the Rock Star wakes up to a beer and tells our girl that she gotta go!!! One of his handlers tossed her out like a piece o trash. Apparently, this life isn’t exactly what she was dreaming it would be.So remember the five ladies sitting around chatting and scantily clad? Turns out they are waiting for Bella, the Queen Bee of all groupies. Bella has got the secret to making all girls millionaires. Ya, baby Ya!!!! The truth is that everything about this short film is right on the money. Totally professional, which is great to see with an indie project. From the production itself straight through to the actual acting – this was a pleasure to watch. I think that once word gets out that potentially, the public will eat it up. Without question, I give the whole thing 4.5 stars.

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