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Written by: Gilbert Girion |   Directed by: Jeremiah Kipp |  Genre: Comedy

Fizzle is an odd duck of sorts, but it’s that oddness that makes it also kind of cool. It all begins with a party and what at first I thought was a strictly ego-driven fourth-wall-breaking narrative. I wasn’t quite right, but I’ll get into that later. The main idea of this short film is something pretty much all of us can relate to on some level. Going to a party and feeling a little… uncomfortable. Or a lot, depending on the circumstances.

Written by Gilbert Girion, I can only imagine this was an interesting one to pen out. A film about a classic party, one of those kinds of “uppity” parties where the audience gets to hear what the party-goers are thinking. Kind of like that old Mel Gibson movie only in reverse. With Fizzle, we hear the sometimes funny inner thoughts of the guests. There is ego. There is jealousy, and yes, there is also comedy. The film kind of made me wonder how much of the story was researched, and by that, I mean… do people really think all these things when at a party? If I were to guess, I’d say yes. To some extent.
What’s interesting about this film is also what sort of slows things down a little. The “real” thoughts of the party-goers at first are exciting and funny, but over time, the whole show starts to feel a little repetitive. Even though it’s not, the other thing I noticed is that especially, later on, it gets kind of confusing. Was person “X” actually speaking to person “Y,” or was it all just the inner monologue? But if so, why did the other person seem to react? As I said, the thing that makes Fizzle cool to watch eventually becomes less cool and more like a gimmick. But this was only something I noticed later on, and I’m not taking away from the interest this short film generates.

Yes. Fizzle is different but also not so different as to be unrelatable. One thing I do know? I won’t go to another party and look at people quite the same. Independent film is classicly a springboard to try something a little unique, and Fizzle pulls it off nicely. 3.5/5 stars, and thank you for reading.

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