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Exit 0

Written by: E.B. Hughes  |   Directed by: E.B. Hughes |  Genre: Thriller  |   Length: 96 minutes

Oppressive, creepy and well done. Exit 0 was a great movie to spend some time with.

 A couple need a weekend get away from the city. Billy (Gabe Fazio) and Lisa (Augie Duke) decide on the Doctor’s Inn because as a kid, Billy’s parents would bring him here; and it may be just what is needed to calm the stress of daily life. Especially for Billy who seems to be somewhat paranoid. The inn is old and located in a mainly tourist community. It’s off season right now so aside from some unusual people lingering about, or locked away in their room, there’s not much action going on within the inn walls. A perfect place for a ghost or ghosts to be waiting.
 Billy eventually finds an old VHS tape with what appears to be a rape, double murder filmed by one of the criminals. Could it be a snuff film? It doesn’t look like one, but when Billy finally calls the police the tape is gone. All this happens in between the creepy situations going on all around him. And only Billy really seems to notice. Lisa, finally realizes something isn’t right with her boyfriend and tries to help. It’s a little late though. Billy’s paranoia has set in as the strangeness of the place and people eat away at his mind. It’s when Billy believes the creators of the VHS tape are coming for him, that he really slips off the deep end. I don’t blame him. So would I. Could the tape actually be real? And if it is, why does it never seem to be available when he needs it? Why does it look blank when shown to anyone else? Exit 0 is a supernatural (ish) thriller from E.B. Hughes, and It was pretty great.

 Making full use of aerial shots and dutch angles, Exit 0 basks in it’s tight space glory using the inn as a character itself. Gabe Fazio and Augie Duke look the part, of a couple going through all the issues couple tend to go through. Their relationship is old enough to see each others faults – but new enough for them to still deeply care. Lisa’s uncontrollable urge to use her cell phone is a major point of contention used well. The supporting characters are just as creepy as the inn itself. Including an author (Peter Greene) trying to kick start his writing mind and some very odd inn managers. All this adds to the atmosphere of the title giving it an oppressing feel. Perfectly suited for this type of movie. The real plot device used, is saved for Billy himself. Is he actually going insane or are strange things really happening that only he can see? I did get my answer, sort of. Most of the movie can be explained by the ending, but there are still a few unanswered questions and plot points not quite tied up. I like to think that was on purpose, to make me think harder about the title and maybe want to watch it again. If that’s the case, it worked.

 I found Exit 0 to be effective, a little scary and overall a really good film. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to check this one out. Thumbs up.

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