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Written by: Anthony Kalmeta |   Directed by: Anthony Kalmeta |  Genre: Mystery / Thriller / Drama

Reality ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, and in Anthony Kalmeta’s short film Echoes, it’s really messed up. The film features a protagonist that appears to be hopping in and out of his own reality, and in this other reality is a woman. A woman he is sure he is remembering. Ava (Melanie Abernathy) is the woman of Oliver’s (Dane Oliver) dreams, but it quickly becomes evident that their life together must have ended because all he has left are some fragmented memories and an old cassette with video.

Oliver’s life seems to keep shifting from where he is now to where he was, and there’s more because even his present self seems to be being watched by… himself. It’s all very confusing and doesn’t get that much better by the end of this 12-minute spectacle. And a spectacle it is. 

Echoes is packed with some excellent cinematography and a fast, unique editing style that, mixed with the visual effects of Oliver “shifting,” looks stunning at times. This film sounds fast at only 12 minutes, but when you’re watching it, it feels more like 5 minutes—a tribute to Anthony and his talented group of cast and crew. It’s really hard to describe Echoes and make any sense. You kind of have to see it yourself. In the beginning, you think Oliver may be jumping from one time to another or maybe even traveling to an alternate universe. But once a third man is introduced, even those theories don’t quite fit. Oliver could be seeing something through someone else’s eyes; maybe he’s even the bad guy. But Dane Oliver puts on a great performance, and in the film, he looks as confused as I was. Right when I thought I was getting it… BAM! I love that about movies as long as they are done well.

Echoes is a really enjoyable short film with the potential to be made into a larger production. Some solid answers, if this were a feature-length movie, it would be excellent, but as a short film, it walks the line nicely. Enough to keep you interested until the end and enough to keep you wondering. I can certainly say that I wanted this film to go on a little longer. 4 stars, and thank you for reading.

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