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Written by: Hugo Diego Garcia |   Directed by: Hugo Diego Garcia |  Genre: Drama

 Dali ( Pietro Mercieca ) at some point decided to get out of the hood and make something of himself. After what was probably really hard work, he has been accepted into college and is well on his way. If only the same can be said about his friends. One night, after obtaining a gun, the group of wannabe gangsters decide it’s time to up their game, and rob someone. Dali, wants nothing to do with the gun and tries to stop them from taking it. The 4 small time criminals set out to make some money.

  After a night on the town, 2 guys and their girlfriends are on their way out. Happy as couples usually are after a fun night. This is when they meet up with Dali and his 3 friends. The robbery is a success, but doesn’t go as planned. Dali’s friends let the power of a pistol go to their head and get completely out of hand. Dali tries to calm the situation, but what can he do? He’s in it, no longer just a casual observer.  But the 2 men the wannabee gangsters robbed have a secret of their own, and as quick as you can say: say hello to my little friend, Cagnolino switches over to a revenge movie.

  This group of actors combined put out an amazing performance. I’m at a loss as to what to write except to say awesome. They all play off each other and you quickly lose the sense of individual performances. They come across as a tight nit group, and those who are the brunt of the robbery just want it over with, It’s hard to separate performances, and when that’s the case it a huge compliment.  The way this film looks can only be described as greasy, and I mean that as a compliment. Old school mafia inspiration is clearly here, but not as an imitation instead more like an inspired by the look and feel. It all comes together excellently and Hugo Diego Garcia clearly not only has a gift for film, but some experience to temper that with.  Cagnolino, from its opening shot to the end has excellence painted all over it. It’s not overly polished but more true to life and real. The perfect way to tell this kind of story. Excellent writing, excellent acting, and an awesome visual appeal propelled this independent title to higher grounds. The bar has been raised. Thanks for reading.

CAGNOLINO (2020) – Trailer from ILLIS on Vimeo.

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