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Written by: Arturo Portillo  |   Directed by: Arturo Portillo |  Genre: Action  |   Length: 93 minutes

And oh the blood! There is a lot of carnage in this title. Especially for a micro budget movie.

 A botched hit resulting in the death of the wrong person is the start of this action flick with a very ’80’s feel. In this title, 2 enemies work together to bring down a plot that is much bigger than them. The story is told in real, linear time as well as flashbacks. A lot of these flashbacks could have been done in real time, reducing this movies run time slightly. A perfect example is at the start, a certain blood splat in the elevator. Instead of showing this scene twice, it could have played out in real time later in the film, cutting back anf forth as the body was being loaded in the trunk. There are a lot of people in this title making it a little hard to follow exactly what is happening, but not impossible. Beaten really does feel like a throwback movie and I happen to like action titles from that long lost decade. Nostalgia did play a key role in my enjoyment of the movie. Starting right from the beginning with the neon graphics.

 And oh the blood! There is a lot of carnage in this title. Especially for a micro budget movie. Guns and blood. Desert drop-offs and city official corruption. Oh – and what was actually a pretty good montage around halfway through the film. Without hesitation, I say if you love older action flicks you should enjoy this one.

 There is also some excellent cinematography. It’s a shame that the shots I’m talking about are probably stock footage because the biggest problem with this title is the camera. It’s very rare that the visuals aren’t shaking or jittering. After a while this reality television approach just began to wear at me. The acting is – well – mostly pretty hollow. Maybe it’s more the dialog than the acting. It’s hard to tell. But this does add an ’80’s feel but also just feels awkward. With lines like ending up six feet under, there are a lot of funny one liners. Intentional? Maybe. Maybe not. The background score was a nice touch. Feeling right at home with the pacing and content. There’s just so much going on, and most of it completely pointless.

 I liked this because I like old movies. I’m sure that anyone with the nostalgia bone for that era will find this a fun romp in the park. For people used to modern film, Beaten may not be for them. The one thing that hasn’t changed over the years? It’s all about the paperwork. The files. Maybe the plot here isn’t so far fetched after all.

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