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Written by: Kera McKeon / Jeremy Trombetta |   Directed by: Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV |  Genre: Short / Crime

 Writers Kera McKeon and Jeremy Trombetta bring us a story of bad choices and consequences. Directed by Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV, Artifice tells the story of Tony, ( Anis Maknojia ) a man desperately wanting to hold onto the high life he’s been able to live up until his parents financially cut him off. As his friend tells him at the start of the film, girls that look the way they do in Tony’s life don’t come to the financially undecided. Once Tony reluctantly accepts to do a job for fifteen thousand, his fate is sealed and we move into the present day, and Tony is in some trouble.

 Still dating Sarah, ( Thida Pham ) the life of the organized crime dude has been paying off well all up until Tony’s people lose a shipment of valuable product. Because they are Tony’s guys, he’s on the hook and he can’t pay. After a visit from one of the bosses, Tony realizes he has to get out of town and fast. He tries to take his girlfriend but she refuses to go. Not only that, but Sarah knows what Tony does for money, and senses he’s in trouble. Just as Tony had feared all those years ago, she leaves him. Alone and on the run, Tony must figure out a way out of this mess, and pray in his absence Sarah won’t be hurt. This is where Artifice ends, seemingly when it’s just getting started.

   Artifice serves as a cautionary story for those who feel the pull of a life of crime. It’s straight forward in the way it tells the story, and wastes no time in getting to the point. A, to B, to C. It’s all held together nicely and for what it is, this is a good film. But it’s very shallow. We get the very basics of a story and then are left wondering what comes next. Thankfully, the acting is pretty good throughout and this short film looks pretty nice.

 I couldn’t help but wonder if Artifice was the first episode of a series? That would explain a lot because there’s just a lot that could easily be expanded on. The cold ending also felt a little strange. But on a whole level, Artifice didn’t disappoint and did succeed at telling a story. As you can see from the stars awarded, there’s nothing really bad or poorly done with this lightning fast short film. The moral of the story? Don’t get involved in organized crime. Don’t be a Tony. Four stars and thank you for reading.

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