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A Helical

Written by: Marcus McMahon |   Directed by: Marcus McMahon |  Genre: Short , Fantasy

 A Helical ( Marcus McMahon ) steps off some giant platform thing onto a planet that looks a lot like Earth only much stranger. He wears a weirdly retro blue outfit and carries a suitcase. Through an odd mix of spectacles that are inspired from different cultures and periods he finally comes across the great head ( Keith Chanter ) which looks very ancient greek, and compared to the other visuals so far looks very amateur. Inspired obviously by the computer effects from the 1980s and 90s. The giant head speaks with A Helical and we learn that he’s been here before and is pushing further and further into this strange world. A world that seems to be built on A Helical’s mind and it’s really his own thoughts that he’s exploring.

  By the way, it’s my understanding that a helical is something to do with a helix shaped like a spiral or something like that. Is this another layer of this short film? Maybe, but let us continue. As the man in blue travels on he encounters people/apparitions of the mind such as his mother. Who like him, chants the same phrases over and over in a dreadfully strange monotone; he also encounters a group of people in a cool black car. He eventually gets inside and drives a bit before following them as they get sucked into another area of the movie. One of these people is pictured below, very ‘Blade’ looking.

   The short film ends with A Helical having a one sided conversation; a very weird one, with the men from the car. Eventually, in the final scene continues his journey into a black sunset. If this condensed description of this film sounds really weird, it’s because the film itself is really weird. A Helical is a trip into the surreal landscape of the mind, or something like that. It’s all very hypothetical, artistic, and emotionally experimental. The speed at which this film moves is deliberately slow making sure that anyone watching has a chance to really think about what’s being shown onscreen. A definitive answer to everything is not really possible because I think we’ll all see something a little different. Marcus McMahon’s movie is like a picture book on a coffee table. A conversation piece to question and marvel at. It’s a very different kind of film.

  There are so many layers of depth with this short film that I don’t think anyone will really get it. Maybe if seen a few times, a “pattern” could be gleaned; or maybe not. It is my guess that A Helical is not a movie that ties down your imagination with a plot. It’s something to be pondered and considered. This would seem to be the case from the visual aspects and unusual dialog. None of this takes anything away from this film and instead enhances it. A Helical is different and looks great. This is independent film. Something Hollywood would never even consider touching. A great film, and thank you for reading.

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